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About Me

As a fresh graduate of Internet Technology I am a beginning Front End Developer. This tiny sample of work is just a presentation of my interest in web development. Besides that I have several years of experience in finance and IT companies. Check out my profile on Linkedin.


Right now I am part of a great development team at Shoptet. In this e-commerce start-up I am working on each landing page you see including admin part and external web apps. Typically I am working with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQUERY, SMARTY. Awesome tool we use which helps a lot is facebooks Phabricator.

My Work
HTML/CSS Hosting

Yeah it would look something like this.

URBAN - Responsive Temp.

Yeah it would look something like this.

Premium HTML - Template

Yeah it would look something like this.

html5 css3
Front end Developement

This portfolio was build with HTML5 and CSS3 on SKELETON boilerplate. The two I rely on are Gulp and Sassmeister. For designing purposes I use Sketch software. I have this nice blank start-up repository for any kind of application so please feel free to get it on my GitHub.

Trading Trading
Currency Market Project

I am running a project focused on currency trading. We are developing a algorithmic trading solution on foreign exchange market. This start-up has goal to analyze price moves in hope to discover something which would help us proof the hypothesis. In present we are building backtesting enviroment with data provided by

Eye Bee M
Past Work Experience

Till today I used to work in companies like IBM and Gooddata. I was fulltime employee in both cases. Please view my linkedin for details about what I was doing there.